Key Features

Now, your powerful app follows you anywhere

The power of ScheduleJS from
any browser (Chrome, Safari,...)
on any platform (IOS,...).

Multiplatform example of ScheduleJS

Cross Platform

Access the monitoring of your activities wherever you want. Thanks to ScheduleJS, you can consult or modify your scheduling data with a simple touch on a screen. Consult your bookings or add a last minute change while on the road. From now on, your web browser offers you everything you need to manage efficiently your scheduling activity thanks to the ScheduleJS custom TypeScript/Angular viewport that allows fast and smooth scrolling.


The algorithms and data structures provided by ScheduleJS are specialized for the monitoring of complex activities and guarantee very high performance and excellent response times in all circumstances. HTML 5 support of a canvas API enables ScheduleJS to bypass costly CSS operations. Smooth scrolling and navigation operations are still possible even when displaying 1,000,000 activities and more.


The ‘model’ part of the API is based on the FlexGanttFX API that was design with a lot of attention to detail.

The ‘view’ part of the API has been designed by following the standards to create an Angular / TypeScript application. You’ve never seen your application like this.

We are here to help

Our team is expert on both FlexGantt (Swing and FX) and ScheduleJS (TypeScript, Angular, HTML 5). Thanks to our expertise in complex projects, we can also provide you all the help you would ask concerning the front and back-end side of your scheduling application.

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