Our Work

From FlexGanttFX to ScheduleJS, when the most advanced Gantt chart framework enters the world of web-native scheduling applications.

Leading Framework Internationally Oriented

Hundreds of professionals around the world have been using FlexGantt, FlexganttFX or ScheduleJS for years. 

A Motivated Team in a Caring Environment

The success of the product resides in the progress of those who make it. 

The New Era of Scheduling with Trendy Technologies

ScheduleJS is the future of complex scheduling thanks to the use of trendy technologies like Angular and TypeScript.

Enter the Web-Native scheduling world

To make our clients “Entering the Web-Native applications world in a seamless way” is our motto. ScheduleJS follows the evolution of the technology by taking the qualities of the previous FlexGanttFX to make it go into the quick and connected world of JavaScript. The scheduling world now matches with the future of the application development ensuring that the applications of our clients will last in the future. 


We define specific responses to each client to ensure that every stakeholder is taken into account according to their needs.


We follow an ethical evolution with enhanced and sustainable growth for our clients.


We work together to win together. Synergies are key to enhance individual efforts. 

transparency (1)

You can call us rather than facing a bot. We are here to really support our clients.


Innovation is essential in our clients’ industries and we allow our teams to be freely involved in this process.


We discuss ideas, not people. Express yourself openly, give and receive feedback in a benevolent atmosphere

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