The ScheduleJS Viewer

The ScheduleJS viewer is a web-based project reader application capable of reading Primavera P6 .xer and Microsoft Project .mpp files. Once deployed on your servers, it gives your collaborators unlimited access to a powerful project reader out of the box.

Browse your project files

Your company no longer need to buy expensive licenses to open your Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 files. The ScheduleJS Viewer is an all-in-one tool to read projects across your teams and stick to your deadlines. Accessible from anywhere, you only have to deploy it once to grant access to all your collaborators.

Activities layout

Select between 10 layout methods to group activities depending on the resource involved, finish date, start date… The Activities screen provides a clear view of your project as a whole using a Gantt chart.

Bottom view pane

A resizable component at the bottom of your screen to quickly visualize allocated budget, resource information and additional data present in your project.

Open multiple projects

The ScheduleJS Viewer supports opening multiple projects at once. Compare, setup, or analyse up to 4 projects at the same time using the “More files…” button.

The assignments screen

Get a bigger picture on the budgeted and actual units of your project. Depending on the Zoom level, the assignments screen will display the data dynamically from the daily to the yearly view.

Additional project information

Quickly browse the current resources involved in the project. ScheduleJS Viewer provides you with multiple options to sort the tasks depending on the resources you defined.

And much more...

The ScheduleJS Viewer is totally designed using ScheduleJS and Angular. 

For more information on how you can customize this product, you can visit the ScheduleJS Viewer section of our blog here.

Here to help!

If you have any questions concerning the ScheduleJS viewer and the opportunity it represents, just leave us a message! We'll organise a demonstration and discuss this further together.