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ScheduleJS Pricing

Choose from our three license schemes: Internal use, OEM or SaaS. Each plan is designed to meet your specific needs and maximise your profitability.


ScheduleJS Enterprise

Create your advanced web scheduling application


1 year of updates
1 application
1 developer
The ScheduleJS Enterprise perpetual license empowers innovative companies with our fully customisable Gantt chart scheduling component


ScheduleJS Viewer

The web based .mpp and .xer projet viewer


1 year of updates
1 deployment
100 users
The ScheduleJS Viewer is a web-based application capable of reading both .mpp and .xer files. Deploy once and share with all your teams

More details on our licenses

ScheduleJS Enterprise license

Start using ScheduleJS for your professional scheduling application projects and benefit from our expertise to develop high quality web Gantt charts
  • Includes a 1-year subscription to new versions, support and maintenance.
  • Create pixel-perfect scheduling graphics out of the box.
  • Only the JavaScript front-end developers working on the ScheduleJS part of the Application would need to be added to the license developer count.
  • A free proof of concept project shipped with the library to help you kickstart your application.

ScheduleJS Viewer license

Licenses one application, developed for internal use, to deploy and/or customize ScheduleJS Viewer
  • Includes a 1-year subscription to new versions, support and maintenance.
  • Develop features on your own or with the help of our consultants
  • Efficiently display schedules with our user-friendly viewer designed for seamless integration, high availiability and maximum clarity.
  • Securely access real-time scheduling data ensuring accurate decision making.
  • Affordable perpetual license and maintenance for long term support.

All our Services

A wide technology spectrum to create applications for complex challenges

We offer auditing services of your current FlexGantt/FlexGanttFX application with the collection of all your requirements for your project to design a complete response to your needs with a roadmap for delivery (time needed to migrate/create the application, number of developers,…). Contact us

Avoid the risk of premature investment in un-proven concepts by getting a state-of-the-art Proof of Concept with our experts. They will also help you refine your project ideas for optimal success. See more

Our developers are very familiar with both framework versions (FlexGanttFX and ScheduleJS) as well as their associated programming languages (TypeScript, Angular, JavaFX, HTML 5,…). We are able to secure and support your entire application migration following your project’s pre-requisites. See more

We design and deliver web and desktop business applications of different complexity and for various needs with more than 20 years of experience. Our expert team can also take care of the migration of your own-developed extensions. See more

Benefit from our team’s expertise on with Angular to allow your developers to build dynamic, responsive, and interactive web applications by mastering the concepts of this technology. Your team is already working with Angular and struggling with it? We can help with unlimited support through mentoring and ad-hoc training. See more

Seize the opportunity of your scheduling project to make your teams become fluent with TypeScript in a ScheduleJS environment. Our experts will provide you a specific training corresponding to the benchmarks of your sector. See more

Make the best out of your framework with this unique training on ScheduleJS. Unleash the full potential of the framework while learning best practices for optimal and secure development. With a comprehensive advanced approach to complex scheduling, development teams are ready to build the most advanced scheduling applications for your business. See more

Both ScheduleJS, Angular and TypeScript trainings needed for your teams? Get a complete training course with everything your developers need to be effective on these technologies and obtain a discount. See more

With more than 20 years of experience in delivering high quality software solutions as well as operational knowledge at the highest level, we will make sure you get what you’re looking for following the pre-requisites of your project. Contact us

Work with developers specialized in complex scheduling environments whose experience, skill and technology correspond to industry standards. Contact us

Developers that will work on both front and back end with their expertise of complex projects. They will meet your specific needs while respecting the prerequisites of your project. Contact us

Leverage the power of ScheduleJS with exceptional visual aesthetics, while tailoring it to your business goals, to deliver fast-loading, impactful and high efficiency online experiences. Contact us

Make sure that you move quickly in the right direction by working with a ScheduleJS analyst who will fill in any gaps in your project’s completion and provides you the insights and data needed to build an application that is efficient in terms of your technology requirements and business needs. Contact us

Benefit from the huge expertise of our Angular expert team to receive a state-of-the-art development experience. Working with our Angular experts means feeling confident that your return on investment will exceed your expectations. Contact us

Book one of our ScheduleJS development expert to make your project go to the next level. Our ScheduleJS experts combine human intelligence, technology and creativity to make their wide variety of capabilities become your greatest assets. Contact us

Our backend developers integrate a clean and optimized code structure using cutting-edge technologies while being end-user focused. They are highly skilled at handling project scalability to increase the response time and efficiency of your application. Contact us

From Front to Back End

Our team tackles complex projects in many different fields

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