ScheduleJS, the Angular Gantt chart Library

ScheduleJS is an Angular JavaScript Gantt Library that allows you to build fantastic scheduling applications with endless possibilities in terms of UI and UX. The list below showcases the core features of the framework. If you are interested in code samples, check out our developer manual.

Fully customisable

Angular Gantt Library empower your users with a descriptive graphical view. You can combine multiple schedules and layout styles to highlight any specific aspect of your data and build your own interactions without any limit.

demo Angular Gantt Library

Dynamic viewport

ScheduleJS allows to display and interact with massive amounts of data while ensuring smooth navigation using a state of the art high performance viewport.

big gantt charts

Activity Renderers

Reach pixel-perfect level of precision when designing your scheduling application. Take advantage of the HTML Canvas API to draw each activity based on its state and data. Simply override the activity drawing method to create the perfect way of rendering your activities.

Dynamic Timeline

Set the format, timezone, timescale and appearance of the timeline. Interactive and intuitive by default, just click or select a specific time period to zoom instantly on it. The Timeline API also allows to control all related actions programatically and can support different timezones in the same graph.

demo Angular Gantt Library booking

Selection API

Select activities manually and/or programatically using any pattern you like. The lasso API allows to quickly select a group of activities by boxing them. The resulting behaviour is completely up to you. Selected activities enters the selected state and pass this information to the renderer.

demo Angular Gantt Library emirates

Drag and Drop

Reschedule activities, change their duration or row location using the fully customisable Drag and Drop API with Angular Gantt Library. Set the rescheduling behaviour to include a confirmation process, consequences for the activity and/or a specific rendering for edited activities.

demo Angular Gantt Library emirates

Model Layers

Group activities within model layers and set which one will be drawn on top. Change this order at any time and highlight desired model layers. The Model Layers API is easily triggered programatically and can optimise user’s screen by getting rid of unwanted data.

demo scheduler emirates

Events API

A rich set of events is made available to design the best UI/UX possible. States like hovered, selected, highlighted and pressed are available by default but you can also add your own events. A fully customisable Angular Tooltip API is also available to grant maximum information to the user.

JS Gantt framework Angular Gantt Library

Context Menu

ScheduleJS implements rich callbacks providing the developer with all the data present on the canvas. Build dynamic context menus featuring endless fine tuning of your user experience. Optimise your application by building powerful shortcuts for the user.

framework specific aspects of Angular Gantt Library

Gantt Chart Layout

Create embeddable charts handling huge amounts of data. Combine multiple layouts to picture the situation and promote easy decision making for your users. Start increasing your business overall performance right now by building a state of the art scheduling Gantt charts application.

demo Angular Gantt Library Covid

Agenda Layout With Angular

The agenda layout features a vertical display for activities throughout the day. Used alone, this layout style allows to visualise and interact with tasks using the Y dimension. You can combine multiple layouts to gather all the information in the same place. As any other line, the agenda can be collapsed and expanded to optimise the screen, and you can also add it as an Inner Line to an existing row.

agenda charts Screenshot

Inner Lines

Each row can implement multiple inner lines. Inner lines are not child rows, it allows to attach multiple lines inside the unique same row. This example shows a stocks table using two inner lines on each row with different layouts: a high/low chart to display stock daily values on the first line and a simple chart to display daily volumes on the other.

demo scheduler charts Angular Gantt Library

Advanced Activities

All activities can hold complex data in JSON format. The ActivityLinks API allows you to define links between activities for advanced use cases. The CompletableActivity type allows to save progress dynamically with user input and/or automated tasks to optimise your workflow. Activities can be completely designed with this Anguar Gantt library, to follow your business needs.

demo ms project Angular Gantt Library
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From JavaFX to JavaScript

ScheduleJS follows the evolution of the technology by taking the qualities of FlexGanttFX and making it evolve into the connected world of JavaScript, ensuring that your Gantt chart application will last in the future.

Here to help!

Our team is expert on both FlexGantt (Swing and FX) and ScheduleJS (TypeScript, Angular, HTML 5). Thanks to our expertise in complex projects, we can also provide you all the help you would ask concerning the front and back-end side of your scheduling application.