From FlexGanttFX
to ScheduleJS

The power of the leading Gantt charting framework now from any browser (Chrome, Safari,...) on any platform (IOS,...).

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From JavaFX
to JavaScript

ScheduleJS follows the evolution of the technology by taking the qualities of the previous FlexGanttFX to make it go into the quick and connected world of JavaScript. The scheduling world now matches with the future of the application development ensuring that your application will last in the future.

From Desktop
to Web-Native

Your data is now accessible from anywhere, no need to go to a specific computer to monitor your activities. Also, the updates are now pushed to the server quickly allowing users to have easy and instant access to the new versions of your web-native application.


Desktop version is still available with

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Full compatibility with
FlexGanttFX's features

“Entering the Web-Native applications world in a seamless way” is our motto.

Enter the Web-Native scheduling world

We are here to help

Our team is expert on both FlexGantt (Swing and FX) and ScheduleJS (TypeScript, Angular, HTML 5). Thanks to our expertise in complex projects, we can also provide you all the help you would ask concerning the front and back-end side of your scheduling application.