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Discover how ScheduleJS seamlessly integrated with Selligent CRM, enhancing scheduling efficiency for a leading beauty brand's consultants.

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Introduction to ScheduleJS

What is ScheduleJS? How is it used? This article will help you understand what ScheduleJS is, what you can expect from it and why we decided to create this library.

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This article showcases the integration of a ScheduleJS component into an external Ag-Grid table, to demonstrate the flexibility of ScheduleJS.

The official release notes of ScheduleJS 1.3.1, featuring support for Angular 16, info column horizontal scrolling, and column pin API.

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How to synchronize multiple graphics? Learn how to reuse your ScheduleJS timeline in multiple graphics to keep them synchronized.

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Contextual menu

How to build an interactive context menu? A deep dive into ScheduleJS event handling and recommended practice to build your own context menu.

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This article shows how to implement dynamic rendering depending on the current zoom-level of the graphics.

This article proposes a step-by-step implementation of an animation mechanism using JavaScript Date API for your activities.

This article will cover a websocket implementation featuring real time data rendering using the ScheduleJS drawing engine.

The official release notes of ScheduleJS 1.3 featuring the FlexGanttFX ActivityLink API, a performance upgrade and support for Angular 14.

What is ScheduleJS?

ScheduleJS is the most advanced JavaScript Gantt chart library. Extremely flexible and highly performant, it is the JavaScript version of FlexGanttFX.

Highly performant

Delegate the framework specific aspects of your scheduling application to our specialized solution. Decrease your time to market and focus on the features you want to develop for your users. Let ScheduleJS handle all the heavy liftings for you.

Extremely flexible

Thanks to its object-oriented approach, any ScheduleJS element or piece of element can be customized to implement your design and logic at a pixel level. Utilizing the power of JS Gantt framework, ScheduleJS offers unparalleled flexibility and control over the visual representation and functionality of your scheduling application

JS Gantt frameworkJS Gantt framework

FlexGanttFX heritage

As ScheduleJS architecture is built on the same foundations as FlexGanttFX, migrating existing JavaFX applications to a TypeScript version using this JS Gantt framework library is very easy. FlexGanttFX is renowned in the industry for its flexibility, performance, reliability, and scalability.

JS Gantt chartsJS Gantt framework
JS Gantt framework
JS Gantt framework

JS Gantt Optimized for Angular

Our state of the art viewport allows fast and smooth scrolling, even if there are hundred of thousands of rows. Plenty of utilities, directives, pipes, and services allow the developer to be more efficient and to focus only on the application functional specific code.

Frequently Asked Questions About JS Gantt framework

These are some of the most common questions being asked regarding ScheduleJS. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Do you have a consulting plan for JS Gantt ?

You can team up with our experts to quickly and securely migrate your scheduling application in accordance with your prerequisites and wishes.

Do you have a Swing version of ScheduleJS?

We can migrate your scheduling application built with the Swing predecessor of FlexGanttFX to the modern web environment seamlessly, ensuring compatibility and enhanced functionalities, including the dynamic features of JS Gantt charts. 

How easy is the migration?

“Entering the web applications world in a seamless way” is our motto. Our team of experts can provide you an accurate needs analysis of your migration project before starting it.

I am not a FlexGanttFX user, can I build scheduling web application with ScheduleJS?

Yes, absolutely. You can create Resource Planning, Manufacturing Executive System and Production Planning and Scheduling web applications. Check out our developer manual.

A few steps to quickly have your JavaScript Gantt framework running

ScheduleJS teams are dedicated to offer a strong support to our customers.

  • 1st Step - Explore with our Team

    Discuss about the prerequisites of your project and ask all the questions you have concerning ScheduleJS.

  • 2nd Step - Deepen with our Experts (optional)

    Get all the data (time, budget,...) to plan the migration/creation of your web application with an Audit or a proof of concept covering the requirements of your business constraints.

  • 3rd Step - Develop and maintain your project

    We are able to provide all the support you need to secure the realization of your project.

” The API of ScheduleJS is pretty much the same as the one of FlexGanttFX so whatever you could do with FlexGanttFX you can do with ScheduleJS. “

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From JavaFX to JavaScript

ScheduleJS follows the evolution of the technology by taking the qualities of FlexGanttFX and making it evolve into the connected world of JavaScript, ensuring that your application will last in the future.

Here to help!

Our team is expert on both FlexGantt (Swing and FX) and ScheduleJS (TypeScript, Angular, HTML 5). Thanks to our expertise in complex projects, we can also provide you all the help you would ask concerning the front and back-end side of your scheduling application.