The JavaScript version of FlexGanttFX

Create your advanced production-grade scheduling application

Developed with the founder of FlexGanttFX

A tried-and-tested API that guarantees smooth 1:1 migrations from FlexGanttFX.

Build ERP, MES and all kind of scheduling applications with infinite UI/UX possibilities.

A quick access to your charts from any phone, tablet or computer. Just using web browser.

Enter the web scheduling world!

ScheduleJS is the JavaScript version of FlexGanttFX, the most advanced Gantt Charting Java framework on the market. ScheduleJS uses pure HTML, JS and CSS to bring all the power of the web to FlexGanttFX. FlexGanttFX and its predecessor products FlexGantt and DJT have been deployed as part of hundreds of customers’ applications (Boeing, Siemens, NASA, Airbus, General Dynamics, Emirates,…).

A browser-native FlexGanttFX

Easy migrations

As ScheduleJS is built on the same foundations as FlexGanttFX, migration of existing JavaFX applications to a TypeScript version using ScheduleJS is very easy.

A demo of FlexGantFXA demo of ScheduleJS framework on the web

Respect your constraints

You can decide to keep the exact same visual constraints to make the migration happen silently while enjoying a pixel-level of precision. You can handle both the old and new app running at the same time.

emirates FGemirates SJ

Leverage the power of the Web

The freedom of design and ease of use of web applications is at your fingertips. Empower your teams with a cross platform tool, increase productivity through embedment, and take your applications to the next level.

covid FGcovid SJ

Custom Angular viewport

Our state of the art viewport allows fast and smooth scrolling, even if there are hundred of thousands of rows. Plenty of utilities, directives, pipes, services allow the developer to be more efficient and to focus only on the application functional specific code.

” The API of ScheduleJS is pretty much the same as the one of FlexGanttFX so whatever you could do with FlexGanttFX you can do with ScheduleJS. “

A few steps to quickly have your application running

ScheduleJS teams are dedicated to offer a strong support to our customers.

  • 1st Step - Explore with our Team

    Discuss about the prerequisites of your project and ask all the questions you have concerning ScheduleJS.

  • 2nd Step - Deepen with our Experts (optional)

    Get all the data (time, budget,...) to plan the migration/creation of your web application with an Audit or a proof of concept covering the requirements of your business constraints.

  • 3rd Step - Develop and maintain your project

    We are able to provide all the support you need to secure the realization of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions being asked regarding ScheduleJS. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Do you have a consulting plan?

You can team up with our experts to quickly and securely migrate your scheduling application in accordance with your prerequisites and wishes.

Do you have a Swing version of ScheduleJS?

We can migrate your scheduling application built with the Swing predecessor of FlexGanttFX. Our team is qualified in Swing technology too.

How easy is the migration?

“Entering the web applications world in a seamless way” is our motto. Our team of experts can provide you an accurate needs analysis of your migration project before starting it.

I am not a FlexGanttFX user, can I build scheduling web application with ScheduleJS?

Yes, absolutely. You can create Resource Planning, Manufacturing Executive System and Production Planning and Scheduling web applications. Check out our developer manual.

My developers are not familiar with Angular and TypeScript, how can I do?

You can get ad-hoc training for your development team by ScheduleJS to efficiently develop your applications on Angular and TypeScript.

Do you provide the optimization of my activities?

ScheduleJS is a framework for the front-end part of your scheduling application. Our team is able to help you with the back-end integration as well but we work with a partner to offer you the possibility to optimize your activities.

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